MyWay functions  


How long is the distance of my route ???

A questtion for a lot of sportsmen during planing their trainings task: There are a lot of difficult and complicated ways to find out the distance - MyWay provides an easy and comfortable solution to investigate the distance:

scan the map of your training area and measure the route by clicking on your screen.

You only need a JPG file with a map of your trainingsarea. You can scan a map with scanner or you will find a map in the internet. You can also copy and paste a map from the windows clipboard into MyWay.


The MyWay desktop

The MyWay desktop is simply and clearly structured. The main functions to measure the route are placed in a toolbar on the top of the screen.


The MyWay desktop 


The desktop is divided into two parts: On the top you see the toolbar with the buttons to start the main functions you will need to measure the route. Also you can see the current distance of your measured route. On the rest of the screen the map of your training area is shown to measure the routes.

MyWay functions

measuring routes by clicking with the mouse on the screen
some helpfull tools to measure a route quicker
map and route management
calculating and controlling of your split times
mangement of your training results and statistical reports
printing your routes to printer and in a JPGfile
Im-/export functions

Result summaries

You can log your training results and split times with MyWay. MyWay offers you different ways to analyse these result. You can have a week overwiev of your total results or you can see a summary of your results for a special route.


result summary

Result analyse

With the result analyse you can compare two trainingstask with each other.


result analyse

Height diagram

After measuring a route your are able to enter to every point the height. MyWay displays the height in a graphical route profil. You can also save this profil in a JPG File and you can change the background of this diagram.

To use currently entered data for other routes on the same map you can use the MyWay import function of measuring data.


route profil